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New pattern release :: Stellaire shawl!

Stellaire shawl is now available on Ravelry and!!  I am so excited to finally release this pattern, and am offering an introductory discount: receive 20% off using coupon code STELLA both on Ravelry and!  This offer will go through Monday, December 18, 2017, just in time to grab some amazing kits by La Bien Aimée (LBA)!! They will be posting 2 different kits on Monday evening, one in the exact color ways you see here, and one in a more romantic color palette.  I will send out a reminder via Instagram and my blog when they go live!

Yes, La Bien Aimée yarns are some of my favorites. I have designed with them before, if you remember my High Rise shawl, as well as my Parlour shawl.  I’m actually wearing my High Rise shawl around my shoulders right now!  Aimée has created some beautiful fade kits, and I knew I wanted to design a simple, easy-to-wear brioche lace shawl using her Stella fade paired with her Magellan fade.  Her Interstellar color way is one of my absolute favorites!

I knew I wanted to create a new shawl design that would be very approachable to brioche newbies who maybe wanted to venture beyond even two-color brioche.  So I designed this shawl to start with two-color garter stitch, which creates an amazing texture, and the perfect canvas for blending yarns.  Not only does this pattern fade from light to dark colors, it is also a pattern fade – fading from two-color garter stitch slowly to two-color brioche lace. It’s a great way to dip your toe into brioche lace, if you’re wanting to give it a try!

This shawl is a very generous size, and uses 4 skeins of fingering / sock weight yarn.  I used LBA’s Merino Singles, which are just so delightful.  There are so many possibilities with this shawl, you can fade the exact way that I wrote the pattern, or you can create a stash-buster version and use my color-blending technique to fade in more colors!  Or don’t even fade at all, it will look so beautiful!!  I chose 4 colors that were very close to each other, so that the color blending was subtle.  But color with a higher contrast will still work!

Be sure to read more details about the construction and how to choose your colors on the pattern page, here!

Closeup of the texture of this shawl.

This sample is now on its way to La Bien Aimée in Paris, and I will be knitting myself a new sample in bright colors, pinks and oranges!!  I cannot wait to start, this is such a soothing knit.  It’s perfect for knitting around the holidays while you’re spending time with family and friends, and want to be working on something that doesn’t require too much attention.

If you’re still feeling a bit nervous to dive into brioche lace, my Craftsy class, Modern Brioche Lace, is available at a fantastic price right now!!  And you can always get the class at 50% off if you follow the link from the Classes and Events page my website.

Thank you for following along, and happy briocheing, friends!!

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New patterns week!!!

Happy November!!  It feels like forever since I’ve written a blog post, and this one has ALL the news!!  The most exciting of which is to announce that my Ameyo shawl is now released on Ravelry and!!  Receive a 20% discount using coupon code AMEYO through Sunday, November 5!  Offer will end at midnight Central time.

This was a very special collaboration with two beautiful Indonesian artitsts: Amelia of Papiput Yarns, and Meyo of Meyoco Illustrations. Amelia had already created these gorgeous color ways which were completely inspired by Meyoco, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.  This is her Tough Sock base, shown in colors Peach Soda (Main Color) and Gili (Contrast Color, the blue one)…..they are basically my spirit colors.  I was so enthralled with Meyoco’s illustrations, her use of color, geometry mixed with lovely organic shapes. So I started sketching and came up with a new brioche design that I cast on as soon as I received the yarn!!

I took this photo after receiving the yarn. You can see my sketch in the background, along with one of Meyoco’s illustrations that inspired my design.

Amelia x Meyo = Ameyo.

Read more about this pattern on Ravelry, and see all the amazing projects my test knitters created!  There are so many wonderful color combinations. Also, be sure to keep your eye on, they will have some very special kits with Papiput yarns, hand curated by myself and Amelia, starting tomorrow!!!

IN OTHER NEWS!!!!!!  I am also extremely excited to share with you another design that was shown this week: my Cobaltoan hat, which has been published as part of Issue 23 of Pom Pom Quarterly magazine!! The official preview has been released to Ravelry, as well as their blog, if you want to get a closer look.  Every single pattern in this Vivid Winter issue is just fabulous!!  I feel so honored to be among such beauty and talent.  Here’s a peek.

Aren’t these photos and styling just everything??  The beautiful photography was done by Laura Morsman (@lauramorsmanphotography on Instagram), and I just love the hand painted backdrops, painted by talented abstract artist Kim Whiteside (who lives in Texas like me!!). If you can get your hands on this new issue, you will not be sorry.  It will keep your needles busy all winter long, and hopefully our winters will be a bit brighter, too.

Thank you so much for reading, and for following along in my fiber journey!!  I love you all.

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New pattern release :: Autumn Vibes hat!

Feeling all the Autumn Vibes :: now available on Ravelry and!!  Receive a 20% discount on this pattern through the end of today using coupon code VIBES at checkout.  Autumn Vibes is a color dipped hat with a textural arrow band, knit using the two-color brioche stitch. The pattern is written for two sizes: Adult Small and Large.  See the pattern pages for more details.

Remember my Summer Vibes shawl I released in July?  I was so inspired by the brioche arrows stitch pattern that I created for that design, I wanted to see what it would look like in a different application!  I loved working with YOTH yarns Best Friend for that summer shawl, and I wanted to continue working with them for this design.  Autumn hats should be totally squishy and warm, right?  Well, YOTH yarns Big Sister DK weight was an absolutely PERFECT yarn for this hat!  Seriously, it is so soft.  It is a blend of superwash merino (the softest), cashmere (wow, even softer), and a bit of nylon to give it a bit of memory.  And did I mention the colors??

Color Dipped version, shown in Large size

The pattern is written specifically for this color dipping, shown here in the Large size. I used colors Peach, Mint, and Caviar for this one. But I really wanted to see what it would look like in simply two colors!

Two Color version, shown in Small size

This sample used colors Mint and Caviar together for a neutral look. There really are endless possibilities for this pattern.  Knit it as written, or grab tons of leftover balls of DK yarn and create a super stripey version that’s the ultimate stash buster!!

Autumn Vibes modeled. Summer Vibes hanging in the background, shown in YOTH yarns Best Friend in colors Oyster and Cracked Pepper.

I like to wear my hats a little big, and this one has the perfect amount of slouch.  I truly hope you enjoy my newest pattern, and keep your eye out for another fun pattern this winter!!  (wink wink).

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New pattern release :: Primono!

I am so excited to share my newest pattern with you all!! Introducing Primono (Primrose Yarn Co. + Kimono)!!  This pattern is available both on Ravelry and!  Receive a 20% discount using coupon code PRIMONO at checkout through Friday, September 8 at midnight CT.

Primono has been an idea of mine for almost one year, when I sketched it out last fall of 2017. I wanted to create a kimino-style robe that I could wear comfortably around the house, but something that was also stylish enough to be worn out on the town as a jacket! I was totally inspired by the fashion craze of wearing kimonos and robes as jackets, and the women who are wearing them around New York are just so fabulous. I knew I wanted it to be a modular construction, to keep it exciting.  And I really wanted to used different stitch patterns to ensure that it fit nicely on my body.

Originally, I wasn’t even thinking of using two-color brioche!  I was afraid that it would stretch out too much and just be really heavy.  But using Primrose Yarn Co.’s Sophia MCN fingering weight yarn actually kept it very lightweight!  I knew two-color brioche would give it an extra depth, and so I paired it with the slip-stitch honeycomb pattern for the waistband and collar.  This really helped give it some extra stability and cinched in at the waist!  The modular construction makes it SUPER fun to knit, and even though it is a rather large piece, the knitting just flies by as you’re constantly itching to get to the next section!

I wanted to add a modern touch to a classic kimono-style cardigan, so I created this brioche stitch pattern to bloom out of the waistband.  The pattern is carried up the back for added depth of interest.

Be sure to check out all of my amazing test knitters’ glorious projects!!  There were so many different color combos used.  And with the pattern being available in 7 different sizes, you are sure to find your ideal fit.  I decided I wanted 8″ / 20cm of positive ease, so I knit the size 46″ bust for myself.  I actually measured my own robe to ensure that this fit exactly the way I wanted!!  You can read more on the pattern page, and if you have any more questions, feel free to email me or leave a comment here.

I hope you enjoy my newest pattern, and thank you for reading!!

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New pattern release :: Organic Angles hat!

I am so so excited to finally share my newest brioche hat pattern with you, Organic Angles!  You can find this pattern on Ravelry, as well as my webshop.  Receive a 20% discount using coupon code ANGLES through midnight CT tonight!

When Laurie from Feel Good Yarn Co. approached me to design a new brioche hat with her SilverSpun® yarn, I knew I wanted to create something totally different. I had this idea to use brioche increases and decreases to create interesting angles in the fabric.  Boy, was I surprised by the end result!  One side ended up pulling down, which the other side pulled up!  The asymmetry was much more drastic than I had anticipated, so I knew I had to come up with a plan to even out the hat for wearability.  That’s where the garter stitch striped short rows came in. Brioche really does have a mind of its own!

While visiting my family in Michigan this past summer, I was lucky enough to enlist the help of my super talented brother photographer, Peter Mowry!  He took some gorgeous photos, and really helped to showcase my new design.

If you’d like a chance to win an Organic Angles kit of your own, be sure to check out Wooly Ventures Maker Spotlight post about me and my newest pattern! She’s hosting an awesome giveaway, and Laurie from FGYCo. has generously offered yarn as part of a kit for the Grand Prize!!

Thank you to all for your amazing support, and I hope you enjoy my newest pattern!

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New pattern release :: Summer Vibes shawl!

Feeling all the Summer Vibes :: Now available on Ravelry and!!  Summer Vibes is a lightweight, asymmetrical triangle shawl with textural arrow stripes, knit using the two-color brioche stitch. There are two size options for this shawl: Small and Large. They both start the same way, and the pattern repeats are simple and easy to memorize. The Small size is meant to be more of a shawlette, to be worn as an accent to your favorite summer dress. The Large size is perfect to drape around your shoulders or neck on a chilly summer evening.  I am offering an introductory discount, receive 20% off using coupon code VIBES through Thursday, July 13 at midnight Central!

Do you live in a sub-tropical climate where it is hot, sunny, and humid basically every day of the year? Well, I do. But I haven’t always lived here. I grew up in the great north….well, in the great state of Michigan anyway. I have been used to hot summers (at least they were to me), cold and snowy winters, crisp autumn days walking on crunchy fallen leaves, and warm springs that bring green and color back to the world. When we moved down to South Texas last year, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. But I knew one thing was for sure, I needed to find ALL the lightweight summer yarn if I was going to keep knitting!!

I was lucky enough to meet Veronika and Danny of YOTH yarns at DFW Fiber Fest this past April, and Ve was knitting with the most scrumptious-looking cotton yarn! I knew I had to try it. It was a brand new yarn line they were about to start carrying, which you all now know as Best Friend. Don’t you just love their yarn base names and colorways?  It makes me feel connected to them, to their family.  Anyways, I knew I had found the ultimate lightweight yarn to use and wear in this hot climate, yes!!!  I was so excited.  I immediately started dreaming about a subtle two-color brioche shawl that would be very simple in construction, but oh so fun to knit.  So I came up with this variation on my Sizzle Pop stitch pattern, which mimics the look of arrows rather than full chevrons, with plain two-color brioche in between.

Using less than two skeins of Best Friend yarn, which is a Light Fingering weight cotton / wool blend, this shawl is sure to give you all the Summer Vibes. This asymmetrical triangle shawl is knit on the bias from tip to edge, using a combination of even two-color brioche knit on the bias, and two-color brioche arrow textural stripes to keep the pattern interesting. For the Large size shown here, I used Natural Vanilla for the Main Color, and Oyster for the Contrast Color, for a beautifully subtle two-color brioche.  Be sure to check out all of my wonderful test knitters’ projects for different color combinations, which are sure to inspire and delight!!

Thank you so much for reading about my design process, and for all of your support.  It means the world to me.  Happy summertime knitting, my friends!!