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One year since Pink Graffiti…..

Happy New Year from Knit Graffiti Designs!

I really just can’t believe it.  It has been nearly one year since I published my first knitting pattern, Pink Graffiti!


This design was born out of a NEED to knit a brioche hat, and I wasn’t finding a pattern that spoke to me or was my style.  I had just started learning brioche knitting with Stephen West’s pattern, Ferocious Briocheous. Little did I know then that it would take over my LIFE!!  Since independently publishing this design, I have published a total of 12 knitting patterns, several of which utilize the brioche stitch!

2015 was quite an amazing year for me, but it was also quite difficult.  At the beginning of the year, I lost my dear grandmother.  I had been close to her for my entire life, and even though we were prepared for her passing, it was extremely saddening. Pink Graffiti was published the same week as her memorial service, and after that, I became obsessed with knitting.  It became my best friend, soothing my grief and comforting me during dark days.  Knitting was my shining light, and knit design made it even more exciting.  I just wanted to learn everything!  I spent my days this year knitting sweaters (4 of them, to be exact!), shawls, hats (so many hats) and also developed some amazing friendships within this fiber community.

This community of knitters, yarn dyers, and other fiber lovers has really helped to make my past year in the knitting world unforgettable.  So, to thank each and every one of you, I would like to have a special offer in my Ravelry shop for the entire month of January!  Buy 2 Knit Graffiti patterns, get any pattern of your choice for FREE!  See my shop page for all the details.

Thank you all so much!!  Here’s to another fabulous year!

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