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New pattern release :: Summer Vibes shawl!

Feeling all the Summer Vibes :: Now available on Ravelry and!!  Summer Vibes is a lightweight, asymmetrical triangle shawl with textural arrow stripes, knit using the two-color brioche stitch. There are two size options for this shawl: Small and Large. They both start the same way, and the pattern repeats are simple and easy to memorize. The Small size is meant to be more of a shawlette, to be worn as an accent to your favorite summer dress. The Large size is perfect to drape around your shoulders or neck on a chilly summer evening.  I am offering an introductory discount, receive 20% off using coupon code VIBES through Thursday, July 13 at midnight Central!

Do you live in a sub-tropical climate where it is hot, sunny, and humid basically every day of the year? Well, I do. But I haven’t always lived here. I grew up in the great north….well, in the great state of Michigan anyway. I have been used to hot summers (at least they were to me), cold and snowy winters, crisp autumn days walking on crunchy fallen leaves, and warm springs that bring green and color back to the world. When we moved down to South Texas last year, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. But I knew one thing was for sure, I needed to find ALL the lightweight summer yarn if I was going to keep knitting!!

I was lucky enough to meet Veronika and Danny of YOTH yarns at DFW Fiber Fest this past April, and Ve was knitting with the most scrumptious-looking cotton yarn! I knew I had to try it. It was a brand new yarn line they were about to start carrying, which you all now know as Best Friend. Don’t you just love their yarn base names and colorways?  It makes me feel connected to them, to their family.  Anyways, I knew I had found the ultimate lightweight yarn to use and wear in this hot climate, yes!!!  I was so excited.  I immediately started dreaming about a subtle two-color brioche shawl that would be very simple in construction, but oh so fun to knit.  So I came up with this variation on my Sizzle Pop stitch pattern, which mimics the look of arrows rather than full chevrons, with plain two-color brioche in between.

Using less than two skeins of Best Friend yarn, which is a Light Fingering weight cotton / wool blend, this shawl is sure to give you all the Summer Vibes. This asymmetrical triangle shawl is knit on the bias from tip to edge, using a combination of even two-color brioche knit on the bias, and two-color brioche arrow textural stripes to keep the pattern interesting. For the Large size shown here, I used Natural Vanilla for the Main Color, and Oyster for the Contrast Color, for a beautifully subtle two-color brioche.  Be sure to check out all of my wonderful test knitters’ projects for different color combinations, which are sure to inspire and delight!!

Thank you so much for reading about my design process, and for all of your support.  It means the world to me.  Happy summertime knitting, my friends!!

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