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New pattern release :: Dandelion Fields!

Happy June! I am beyond excited to introduce my newest brioche shawl pattern, Dandelion Fields!  This knitting pattern is available both on Ravelry, and

Dandelion Fields is a half circle shawl with delicate lace inspired by blooming dandelions, knit using the two-color brioche stitch. Using two skeins of fingering weight yarn, this shawl is the perfect lightweight summer accessory to throw around your shoulders. The idea and inspiration for this shawl came to life by imagining rows of dandelions in a field, blossoming and blooming until finally releasing their seeds into the wild.

This shawl was knit in collaboration with Shari from Peepaloo Fields! She has put together some gorgeous kits for this shawl, with many different color combinations! Including one for the sample shown here. Follow this link to her shop. Many thanks to Shari for her beautiful yarns and brilliant ideas!

I would love to share a bit about how this shawl design came to be.  I found Shari’s gorgeous yarns last year while perusing indie dyers on Instagram (you can find her as @peepaloofields), and was instantly in love.  Her imaginative color combinations, her subtle speckles, and pastel beauty drew me in, and I was immediately hooked. I love working with indie dyers, it’s my favorite.  So I was incredibly excited when we started chatting and emailing, and decided to collaborate on a project together!  Of course, she asked if I would design a brioche shawl….and of course, I said….YES, PLEASE!!  The first thing she said to me was, “Can you create a circular dandelion shawl? Brioche has always looked like dandelions to me.”  I was almost immediately inspired, and began sketching like mad!  The increases made with brioche stitches really do look like dandelions opening up to seed, don’t they?  I didn’t see it until she had mentioned that!

While I was researching, sketching, and swatching my new stitch pattern ideas, Shari was coming up with brilliant yarn combinations.  We both finally settled on Pontoon and Burnt, the beautiful colors you see in my sample here, and in the photo above.  A half circle shawl seemed much more practical, and the design flowed from there.  The stitch patterns used in this shawl were a mixture of buds from Knitting Fresh Brioche, by Nancy Marchant (aka the Brioche Bible), as well as some of my own creation. I am so grateful to be able to work with other creative minds, to truly collaborate and make something together.  That’s fiber magic.

I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about Dandelion Fields.  It is such a joy to be able to share my passion with all of you, thank you for reading.  Receive a 20% discount through the weekend using coupon code JUNE, both on Ravelry and This introductory offer will end on Sunday, June 4 at midnight Central time.

Thank you, friends, and happy briocheing!


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