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New pattern release :: Breezy Cabana shawl!

Introducing my newest shawl pattern, Breezy Cabana!!  You can find this pattern both on Ravelry, and!  Breezy Cabana is a striped, textural asymmetrical triangular shawl, knit using the condo stitch and simple garter stitch. With the generous wingspan and depth, this shawl is extremely wearable. The condo knitting creates a breezy, open fabric, making this shawl ideal for summer days and chilly nights.

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I started this shawl design a few days before my 36th birthday this year. It was at a time when I was feeling a tad overwhelmed, very busy with work, taking care of two small children, and just a little burnt out. I wanted something for my hands to work on that didn’t require too much thought, but could also be turned into a design to be shared with the world.  I didn’t want to have to count stitches, or pay too much attention to it, yet stay engaged and have a lot of fun!

I had this GORGEOUS Pure Cashmere lace yarn from Hedgehog Fibres in my stash, and was so drawn to the bright colors together. They just reflect summertime to me, sitting by the pool, drinking Mai Tai’s, and just relaxing.  Are you wondering how that amazing mesh fabric is created?  Ever since I first opened up my copy of Vogue Knitting’s first Stitchionary, I was fascinated by the condo stitch.  It was so weird and fun!!  By knitting one row with the Small needle, and the following row with the Large needle, an open mesh fabric resembling dropped stitches is created!  I actually knit my first design using this fascinating stitch, but didn’t publish it until many years later (aka my Condominium cowl), but I digress.  I knew it would make the perfect lightweight summer shawl, especially with a lace weight yarn.  Then I thought….what would garter and condo stitch stripes look like?!  Everyone loves garter stripes, right??  They are so engaging, yet so relaxing.


So yes, the Pure Cashmere lace is gorgeous, right?  Well, it has actually been discontinued…..BUT some of you may have some skeins in your stash, right?  Maybe some gorgeous OOAK Club colors that you have no idea what to do with?  Here you go, this is the perfect pattern for you!!  Hedgehog also has a new Cashmere Merino lace weight yarn that would work perfectly with this pattern!  I’m actually working on another version right now, alternating between Cashmere Merino and Kidsilk Lace, it is quite delectable.


Did I mention that this pattern is completely customizable? Oh yes, grab ANY two skeins of yarn from your stash (or your LYS, or Hedghog Fibres glorious shop update scheduled for later today!!!!!!!), and knit up this shawl!  The pattern is written as more of a formula, so you can apply it to any yarns you may want to use.  I have also included extensive notes to help you, with needle sizes, possible yarn choices, and a detailed schematic.  Be sure to read more of my detailed notes on the pattern pages as well, both on Ravelry and!

Did you notice something else?  No brioche!!  This pattern is very beginner-friendly, but also an engaging project for even the most seasoned knitter.  Happy Summer, folks, and I hope you all enjoy this pattern as much as I did!  xxx

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