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Handmade clothing for the knitter who can’t sew…

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The Handmade Wardrobe.  This is something that has been on my mind, and a goal for myself and my family, for a very long time.  There is something so right about it, knowing where our clothes come from, who made them, and most importantly, feeling good about them.  I always thought this meant that I would be making ALL of my family’s clothes myself!  Well, this brought on a lot of self-made pressure and stress for me, as I am first and foremost, a knitter.  And I do enjoy knitting for my family.  I have some sewing experience, and learned some pattern drafting and sewing while in college.  I can use a sewing machine!  But, sewing garments and clothing is an entirely different animal, and I have great respect to those who do provide a completely handmade wardrobe for themselves and their families!  I am not one of those mommies.  And that’s ok!

So, in comes one of my super talented friends, Kim West [Makes Stuff]! She created modern clothing for children and moms, sewing them together with her two hands, and utilizing patterns created by other sewing mamas!  Shortees, her Etsy shoppe that she’s been running out of her home for 8 years now, is packed full of clothing for kids of all sizes!  My son literally ripped off his shirt and immediately put his new dinosaur shirt on as soon as I took it out of the package!  She’s also recently added this Mom-chic sweatshirt that can double as a nursing top!!  Woah, watch out new moms!!  This is for YOU!!

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Yes, I will basically be living in this for the rest of the winter.

If you, like me, would love to have a handmade wardrobe for your family, but lack the time, energy or maybe even skills to sew your own clothing, let’s support other talented people and buy handmade!!

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Oh yea!

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