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From Condominium to High Rise

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I am so excited to announce the release of my newest knitting pattern! High Rise is a funky, textural triangular shawl knit using the condo stitch and basic garter stitch. With its super long wingspan and generous height, you can wrap yourself in warmth this fall and winter!

This is actually my first shawl design!  I was inspired by one of the first accessories that I designed, years ago before I really wrote anything down or documented my knitting projects.  I picked up a copy of the Vogue Knitting Stitchionary, Volume One: Knit & Purl, and started browsing through all of the fascinating stitch patterns. There was one in particular that stood out to me more than any other: Condo knitting. What is this?!  It almost had a punk rock look, like fishnet tights or netting.  I knew I had to try this out.  So I cast on some stitches using stash yarn and knit myself a giant cowl that I still wear to this day!  Fast forward to this year, I decided to publish that pattern, which you know as the Condominium cowl!

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Condo knitting is so interesting to me because it looks like dropped stitches, but in reality, it’s simply knitting garter stitch with two different size needles!  In order to create this super open look, the bigger the difference in size, the better.

The High Rise shawl uses this same technique in combination with garter stitch to produce an open, textural accessory that will grow so fast you won’t know what hit you!

Grab your favorite DK weight yarn and cast on this easy, breezy shawl! This is a great project to show off variegated and speckled yarn!  Use all one color, or mix it up and add stripes for extra pizazz! I knit two different versions of this shawl to show how a solid yarn will really show off the stitch pattern, and to show how the simplicity of the pattern will really let a variegated or speckled yarn shine! You can find the pattern for sale in my Ravelry shop, here.  Be sure to grab a copy today and receive a 20% discount using the coupon code, YAYSHAWLS ! Offer ends at midnight tonight EST, Friday 8.28!

I also have plans to re-vamp my Condominium cowl pattern, so stay tuned!  More on that later!

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