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Craftsy class :: Modern Brioche Lace

Oh boy, am I excited to announce that my first Craftsy class is now LIVE!!! I have been developing this new class, Modern Brioche Lace, since June, and it has been SO much fun! It is actually on SALE right now for $19.99, so hurry to grab it at such a great price!

You might be wondering, what in the world is Craftsy?! Well, it is so many things, but first and foremost, it is an online forum for some of the most amazing classes you will find anywhere on the World Wide Web!!  Talented instructors who are experts in their field have developed classes in areas from knitting to crochet, sewing to photography, cooking, and even baking!  While I was there filming back in October, I got to meet Joshua of Man About Cake!  It’s a very cool show that Craftsy runs, I mean, how cool are his cakes?!

So, what is my class all about? I really wanted to create a class where anyone could come, sit down and relax, and learn how to create beautiful brioche lace…all in a no-pressure environment: the comfort of your own home!!  I have been obsessed with brioche lace for a long time, and it is all I want to knit and design.  But I know it can be an intimidating technique, especially for those who have never knit brioche before.  This is certainly not a beginning brioche class, but there are so many resources out there to learn. <- This is a great starting point for all you brioche beginners.  Nancy Marchant was my teacher, via her wonderful book, Knitting Fresh Brioche. She also has a few Craftsy classes: Explorations in Brioche Knitting, and Brioche Knitting: Exploring Color and Texture. The first class especially is a great one for learning the basics.

I also have some great patterns that could help teach you the basics!  My Sonnen shawl pattern is very good for beginners! If you want to start with a smaller accessory, the first pattern that I ever published, Pink Graffiti hat, is great if you want to start out with one-color brioche in the round.  This is a good transition to two-color brioche, without having to keep track of two different colored yarns.

All of that said, if you are familiar with two-color brioche, and you also feel comfortable with traditional lace knitting (yarn overs and other simple decreases), then you are TOTALLY ready for this class!!

Not only do I teach 5 of the most commonly used brioche increases and decreases, I also designed a new two-color brioche lace shawl specifically for the class!  The Provençal shawl pattern comes free with the class, and I will even be knitting it with you in the last half of the class!  It is a great pattern for brioche lace beginners, and I hope it inspires you to jump feet first into this wonderful technique!!

Seen here is the neutral gray version of Provençal that I knit during the filming of this class!

Here is a little teaser trailer for your viewing pleasure.

Please feel free to comment with any questions! And I hope you enjoy my class!  Thank you for following along.

Disclosure: All links to Craftsy classes other than my own are affiliate links.


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