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Princess Leia tribute shawl :: Rebel One

I am very excited to introduce my newest brioche shawl design, Rebel. You can find this pattern available on both Ravelry, and in my new web shop!  One month ago today, the world lost Carrie Fisher. This shawl was created as a tribute to her memory as Princess Leia from Star Wars.

This Rebel One shawl idea came to life the day I found out that Carrie Fisher passed away.  To me, Carrie will always be Princess Leia from Star Wars. I’m sure that is true for many people. She is an icon that will live forever in her many adoring fans. Like so many of you, I’m sure, I grew up watching Star Wars, and it has always been a huge part of my life! When I found out about Carrie’s death, it hit me hard. So naturally, my first thought went to, “What can I knit right now?” Knitting for me is so cathartic, and is essential for my dealing with any kind of grief. What better way to celebrate Carrie Fisher’s life than to knit a shawl dedicated to her memory?

Beautiful skein of Hedgehog Fibres Sock yarn, in color way Typewriter.

I dashed to my stash, and was immediately drawn to a skein of Hedgehog Fibres Sock yarn in the color way, Typewriter.  Not only does that color just completely embody Leia’s wardrobe for almost the entirety of the Star Wars saga, but the name itself fits Carrie’s persona in being a writer.  I knew this shawl had to be a crescent shape, like a moon orbiting a planet.  And it absolutely HAD to be brioche.  All I could picture was Leia wearing this around her neck while on the planet Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back.  Can’t you?  I wanted it to be whimsical, with some lace and some bobbles, inspired by Leia’s iconic hairdo.  As for the shape of the shawl, it just so happened to naturally want to look like the symbol of the rebel alliance.

Classic Leia.
Rebel Alliance symbol












As I was knitting this shawl, I thought how cool it would look in two-color brioche!!  I have had a slight fascination with one-color brioche lately, and have been wanting to experiment with one-color brioche lace.  I feel it has a soft beauty to it, almost unspoken.  But sometimes it’s hard to deny how absolutely awesome two-color brioche lace looks, with that POP of color!  So I am immediately casting on a two-color version, which will be published as a part of Rebel on May the Fourth of this year.  In purchasing this pattern, you will automatically receive a copy of Rebel Two once it’s released!

An original Leia action figure from 1977, kept from my childhood. A relic now.

Be sure to grab your copy today or over the weekend to receive a 20% discount, both on Ravelry and my new web shop!!!  You can find all of the information about the pattern there, as well as tons of fun photos. Use coupon code REBEL at checkout.  This introductory offer will end at midnight Eastern on Sunday, January 29.

I also want to add that, for the life of this pattern, 5% of all profits will be donated to charity in Carrie’s name.

May the Force be with Carrie, and with you, always.  RIP Carrie Fisher.  Rest in Peace, Princess.


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New pattern release :: Brightly shawl!

Introducing my first shawl pattern for 2017 :: Brightly!  What better way to welcome the cold, dark winter season than to knit up a warm shawl using brightly colored yarns that inspire you.  Brightly is a symmetrical triangle shawl with garter stitch and ruffle stripes, ending with a simple garter lace border.

The story behind the design process of this shawl is actually kind of funny.  I picked up some yarn from my stash almost a year ago to try out some shawl shaping that I had never done before; kind of a mixture between crescent shaping and increasing stitches enough to create a ruffle to the fabric.  Well, what I originally tried just wasn’t working – there were FAR too many stitches on my needles, but the fit was very awkward!  So I set that shawl down for awhile to think about it and maybe try again later.

Then I started working with Kate from Kate Selene yarns, and she created this amazing new color way on her Merino DK base especially for me to use in a design – Haze.  What a beauty!!  I knew I wanted to showcase it in a heavier weight shawl for the winter, but wanted to accent it with something bright and fun. Her Emerald City color way pairs perfectly with it, but I wanted something hot and different to accent it in the ruffle stripes.  My eyes immediately gravitated towards a skein of Hedgehog Fibres Merino DK in color Jelly that was in my stash – perfect!!  I started the shawl thinking that it would be a crescent shape, but it ended up keeping the triangle shape so well!  The construction is rather interesting, starting at the bottom tip, and gradually getting larger until binding off at the top. This really surprised me, but that’s what I love about designing so much!

I must admit, I usually always enjoy knitting with bright colors together, but I know not everyone does.  This shawl is a great blank canvas for so many combinations of colors.  Try mostly neutrals, with a color pop for the lace panel. Or I think even an entirely one color shawl would be amazing, accentuating the textural stripes of the ruffles, garter, and lace.

To celebrate the release of this shawl, receive a 20% discount using coupon code BRIGHT through Friday, January 6!

Thank you for following along, and happy knitting!

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To The Flame :: now on Ravelry!

Happy Friday!! I am so excited to announce that To The Flame is now available as a PDF download on Ravelry!  I am having a little sale to celebrate its release :: use coupon code FLAME at checkout to receive a 20% discount through the weekend!

Read more about this amazing collaboration with Infinite Twist in my other blog post, here!  Kits are still available through their website, be sure to check out some of the beautiful color options they have.

Happy knitting, friends!

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Video feature with Insider!

I am so excited to be a featured artist on Insider!  You can view the original video on their website, here!  Thank you again to Insider for this amazing feature!

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New pattern release :: Washed Ashore hat!


Introducing Washed Ashore :: my newest hat knitting pattern!!!  Simple faux cable ribbing and lace come together for a double layer hat full of texture and warmth. Inspired by the sea after a storm, the muted grays and blues together with the lace stitch pattern create a modern, but timeless look.

img_4327 img_4512

Two hats in one!! Perfect for gift knitting!! Knit just the Inner Layer for a simple, modern hat, OR add the lace Outer Layer for a fun hat that will keep you super warm all winter long! Worsted weight yarn is used to knit the simple, elegant Inner Layer, then using fingering weight yarn, stitches are picked up along the top of the brim to add the lace Outer Layer. Feel free to substitute lace weight yarn for a thinner hat!

The Inner Layer is shown in Quince and Co. Owl, color Elf.  I am so in love with this wool / alpaca blend.  I originally used it for my first sweater that I knit, and just knew I wanted to use the leftovers in a design.  The Outer Layer is shown in Quince and Co. Tern, color Beach Glass.  How fitting, right?  The blend of wool and silk make this the perfect layering yarn, and the stitch definition is just amazing.

This hat was so much fun to design. I was actually inspired by a couple of my other designs, Eco Mug Mat, and Paperless with Quince and Co. Scarves Etc. 5, which both utilize the same faux cable stitch pattern!  At the time this design came to life, I was actually still living in Michigan, and wanted to create a double-layer hat to keep my head extra warm in the frigid winters. I actually put this design down for quite some time as we packed up our small family and moved across the country to South Texas, to Corpus Christi by the sea.  As I picked up the hat again, I was so inspired by my new surroundings!


The crown detail is my favorite part of this hat!!  The Inner Layer uses simple decreases to create the crown, and I wanted to mimic it with the Outer Layer, but add a little pizazz!  So I used the fun floral knots as part of it, and I couldn’t be happier!!  What color combinations will you choose for your Washed Ashore hat?  The Inner Layer would be so gorgeous by itself using a speckled or variegated yarn from your stash, or try a pop of color for the Outer Layer!  There are so many possibilities!

Be sure to grab a copy of this new pattern before Wednesday, November 30 at midnight and receive a 25% discount!!  No coupon code required.

And also don’t forget about my big shop sale going on for the Indie Gift-A-Long 2016!  Check out my fun bundle here to see 20 of my self-published patterns that are 25% off using coupon code “GIFTALONG2016“! We would love to see you over at the GAL, you can find all the information in the Ravelry group, here!

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful support, and happy gift knitting!!

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Are you a gift knitter?

Happy gift knitting season!!!  Whenever Thanksgiving rolls around, I start getting the ITCH to cast something on that is quick, fun, and for somebody other than myself (or a design)!

Processed with MOLDIV

This year, to get in to the spirit of gift knitting season, I am participating in the 4th annual Indie Designer Gift-A-Long! I stumbled upon this exciting knit-a-long last year and knew that I wanted to be a part of it.  As a fun incentive to get people to join, hundreds of indie designers are offering a 25% discount on select patterns in their Ravelry shops!  I have put together a special bundle on my Ravelry designer page, you can see it by following this link, here.  Choose from 20 of my self-published patterns and receive a 25% discount using coupon code “giftalong2016“!!  Knit something special for your secret Santa, or even treat yourself to a few patterns you have been wanting to add to your library!

All three patterns in my POP! e-book are included in my bundle sale!!
All three patterns in my POP! e-book are included in my bundle sale!!

Seriously, there are SO many designers participating this year, like hundreds and hundreds.  You can find a list of all of them here, it’s pretty crazy!!  It has been fun going through the list and queueing up some lovely new patterns. I have hand-picked a few of my favorite designers who are showcasing their work in the Gift-A-Long this year, and would love to share with you all their favorite designs they have created!  So here we go.


Feyre shawl by Shannon Cook of Very Shannon

Have you SEEN the new Feyre shawl designed by Shannon Cook of Very Shannon???  I mean, WOW!  This is by far my favorite of hers (so far), and I think it’s one of her favorites, too.  I am already planning out my own Feyre, I even have some of Brooklyn Tweed’s marl Shelter yarn in my stash in the Narwhal colorway, perfect!

Shannon’s designs are absolutely timeless.  But they have a modern twist to them that keep them interesting, and her color play is just marvelous.  I mean, she took black and white and created something so interesting!  Here is what she says about Feyre, ” Inspired by the main character Feyre, from the Court of Thorns and Roses Series by Sarah J. Maas, this crescent shaped shawl embodies both the strength and softness, and the lightness and darkness always at play within Feyre. Relaxing to knit combinations of Stockinette stitch, Garter stitch and Slip Stitch Ribs combine to make a shawl filled with texture that’s fabulous for showing off your new favourite marled, tonal or hand dyed yarn!” 

As a super fun bonus, she has also included a coloring page as a part of the pattern, so that you can visualize your own shawl!!  So creative, I just love that.

You can find Shannon’s GAL bundle, here.

[Photo courtesy of Shannon Cook, Very Shannon]




Taimana Cowl by Francoise Danoy of Aroha Knits
Taimana Cowl by Francoise Danoy of Aroha Knits

Francoise Danoy of Aroha Knits is quite an amazing person.  She empowers other knitters, encourages others to shine, and teaches makers the skills they need to push through boundaries and make their dreams come true.  Her Taimana Cowl is her favorite creation, and I must say, it is stunning.  Frenchie, as she likes to be called, strives to add a personal touch to each and every one of her designs. Here is what she says, “The main colorwork motif of the Taimana Cowl (Te Reo Maori for “Diamond”), like the Kumura Cowl, is heavily influenced by traditional Maori tāniko designs, geometric patterning woven onto borders of cloaks and dresses. This particular geometric formation is called “Patikitiki”, easily identifiable through the singular diamond as the dominant motif. The Patikitiki motif is meant to resemble the flounder fish, which used to be a common food source for the Maori.

The colors and tribal look of this cowl really speak to me, I just love it.  I think it is my favorite, too.

You can find Frenchie’s GAL bundle, here.

[Photo courtesy of Francoise Danoy, Aroha Knits]





Candy shawl by Susanne Sommer of Sosu Knits

I feel a great affinity with Susanne Sommer of Sosu Knits – her use of brioche in several of her designs is simply magical.  I actually found her designs during my obsession with brioche and garter stitch, a combination which she also uses quite frequently!  And her bright colors, yes please!!  Her Candy shawl is her absolutely most-worn knit, so it MUST be her favorite, right?  Here is what she says about it, “I’ve started designing brioche and garter shawls after Nancy Marchant’s inspiring brioche class early this year and I’ve been hooked ever since. This pattern is special to me, not only because I love the candy colors of one of my sample shawls, but it has all my favorite elements: top-down shawl construction with an i-cord surrounding the entire shawl, there’s stripes and a lot of playing with colors, there’s brioche and garter stitch and there’s chevrons. And it’s big enough to wear instead of a cardigan on a cool summer night, or to tightly wrap it around my neck on cold winter day. There’s new elements introduced in each section, so knitting never gets boring, but it also gives you enough time to get acquainted with a new technique. And playing with colors is just so much fun!”  Yes it is, Susanne, indeed it is!!!

You can find Susanne’s GAL bundle, here.

[Photo courtesy of Susanne Sommer, Sosu Knits]


Are you inspired now??  I sure am.  Now let’s get to it!!  I hope you all have a lovely holiday week, and happy gift knitting!!